It is believed that pay per click (in short PPC) is a very authentic and a high brunt form of adult marketing. We have a pay per click team which is very well experienced and comprises of some of the best investigators, researchers, schemers, and account managers. A proof of our achievements in the field of search marketing in the area of adult business is our unending experience in thousands of (pay per click) advertising drives and the satisfaction of our clients as well.

Here we take complete care of the entire process of your pay per click drive from investigating your biz to customers clicking on your site. If you are searching for SEO and digital marketing for an industry dealing with adults, then it would be one of the hardest services that you could find. It’s a tough task to find a reputed, trustworthy SEO company. We, at Adult Digital Services, help you in getting the best marketing services for your website and make it your business a highly profitable one. With the best of techniques in process, we get superior results.

Quick Facts

  •  Over 50% of users click on the first paid ad
  •  Each time a consumer clicks on your sponsored link, you get charged
  •  SEM spend is expected to increase from $13.5bn (2008) to $26.1bn (2013). Are you getting left behind?
  •  90% of user click-throughs come from well constructed ads, so design is very important

PPC Features

Bid Optimisation

Certified by Google, we deliver excellent ROI when increasing or decreasing bids. Placing your site at a good spot will help your site build a good reputation among users and also increase customer inflow.

Keyword Generation

Keywords play a crucial role in digital marketing. We are here to provide you with some of the best ones to ensure maximum productivity. Our search will return with related yet a wide number of options so that the procedure is cost as well as quality effective.

Ad Copy

We create crisp yet engaging ads that will drive the message home in a very innovative way. The designing of the ad will be done by our qualified experts and is sure to attract potential customers largely.

Display Network

A group of similar websites or network is developed at our end to create and channelize the most competent marketing strategy. This will filter out the users who are truly interested in what your site offers. They have already been on other similar sites and are bound to be potential consumers. The creation and designing of such advertisement will be done by us.

Why Us?


We have a professional team of experts, who are specialised in research, analysis, account managing and also are good strategists. We know how important ‘growth’ of the business is.


It is the trust and belief of our clients that we have come ahead so far. We believe that we as company have to deliver more than what our customers expects from us.

Reasonable Charges

We believe in providing best services to all of our clients. Charging inappropriately is not our interest of area.

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